Benham family tree

This is very much "under construction" at present (January 2005).
We seem to be based in Battersea in the 1830-1860 period, near East Grinstead in the 1870s, and Islington in 1890-1920.

William Benham=Martha
d 12 May 1863, Battersea, Surrey
Daniel Benham
b 12 July 1835, Battersea, Surrey
d ~Sep 1894, East Grinstead, Sussex
b ~1834 Marylebone, London
|+ other children
William Henry Benham
b 1859/60, Battersea, Surrey
d 6 Nov 1908, Canonbury, London
= Charlotte Turner
b 1863/4, Shipton, Oxfordshire
|+ other children
Bertram Harold Benham
b 10 October 1889, Islington, London
d ~ 5 July 1972, North London/Middlesex
=Mabel Field
b 17 October 1888, Islington, London
d 21 Apr 1986, Enfield, Middlesex
Victor H.S.Benham
d 2004
Andrew D.S.Benham
I'm not publishing further details of me or my parents, as to do so would aid identity theft.

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Last updated: 6-February-2005