Software Bits and Pieces


EchoLinux is a Linux implementation of the 'EchoLink' Voice over IP system for radio amateurs. The EchoLinux program itself, written by Jeff Pierce WD4NMQ, is command line driven and Jeff's intention is that different GUIs can automate the command line program.

My contribution to EchoLinux is that I've written a GUI in Perl/Tk for the command line program.

Andy Talbot's (G4JNT) Geographic, site database, path and height plotting programs

These programs allow a directory of sites to be consulted and the distance and bearing of paths between them to be calculated. Maps sites and paths can be plotted and accurate conversion between Locator, NGR and Lat/Long is provided.

The original height database had corruption in the "NG" grid square (covering the Isle of Skye and surounding area). My contribution is to fix this corruption in the height database.

Modified Netgear firmwares for BE members

There have been some problems noted by BE members with the DHCP client software used in Netgear routers. On some models the DHCP client doesn't work at all, on other models there is a brief WAN outage every 30 minutes when the DHCP lease is renewed. BE's new network mandates the use of DHCP, and some members on the new network have found problems with DHCP.
I've rebuilt the firmwares on some models to attempt to fix these problems.

Call blocker - reject Indian spam calls

My landline is VoIP with aaisp, so I've a small system which rejects calls with caller id starting +91

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