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This site is updated fairly regularly, but times on the web have moved on, so I don't see the need for the once ever-present "under construction" graphic.

Who am I ?

I'm a retired software engineer. I lived on the northern edge of London for most of my life, but I'm now living in Wiltshire. My most recent job was working for Demon Internet/THUS in Finchley, but a realignment of the business in early 2010 removed my role.

My initials are ADSB, hence the domain name. There are several Andrew Benhams on the Internet, so I didn't want to use my name for the domain.

Who am I not ?

I am not the UK branch of the Abu Dhabi Ship Building Company, despite the many e-mails I get :-) (I suspect they mean adsb.co.ae). There was a small fishing lake nearby when I lived in London and I now live close to an Avon, but it would seem slightly impractical to float a super-tanker on either body of water...

Note that the river is called the Avon and not the River Avon. Avon is derived from a Celtic word meaning river, so River Avon is tautology. In Welsh, a Celtic language, the word for river is afon.

Am I the Andrew Benham you know ?

Well, that depends.
I've been associated with the following establishments:

Am I one of the (insert place name here) Benhams ?

I've been doing a little research on my branch and twigs of the Benham family tree. I'd be pleased to hear from anyone I'm related to. We seem to be based in Battersea in the 1830-1860 period, near East Grinstead in the 1870s, and Islington in 1890-1920.

In particular, I'm interested if there's any connection between our being in Battersea and "Benham Street" shown in that area in Charles Booth's Poverty Maps of 1898/9 (the site now occupied approximately by Benham Close, SW11).

Colour blindness

About 10% of the male population have deficiency of colour vision, most frequently "red-green colour blindness". I'm one of the 10%. It doesn't mean not seeing red or green, just that shades of colours look different to me. The spectrum around red brown yellow orange green gets complicated. There are some good descriptions out there - Colour Vision Simulator Examples and Colour blind image correction being two of them. At least, that's what I've been told - some of the pictures look identical to me!

BBC Microcomputers

The BBC Microcomputers were very popular in their time. Some people even believe that time is not over yet... If you're in that number, you might find my pages useful - for example, the BBC Master's real time clock only understands the 20th century - unless you fix it!

Date and Time

One of my areas of interest is date and time issues (timezones, calendars, week numbering, etc.).

Linux TV stuff for Freeview from Crystal Palace

Config files etc for DVB-T applications for the main London transmitter.

Not a blog but a collection of thoughts, findings, etc.

Assorted software items

Various bits and pieces (or bits and bytes).
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